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Write a Blog Story, and Only With AI?

Yeah, Right!

I appreciate Jo Diaz’s experiment with AI to generate a wine blog.

The attempt wasn’t a complete blog, the approach asked specific questions, which AI answered. The result lacked a content intro and ending summation. And as the author points out, the result lacked personalization and from my perspective, story-telling.

Taking inspiration from Jo’s blog, I’ve been experimenting with the usage of AI to generate images. 

With a couple of experimentations performed, one free platform stands out—Google’s ImageFx. ImageFx provides many text cue choices to set the desired visual scene and approach. 

The one limitation is the number of generations allowed per day. Nevertheless, I’m happy with a couple I was able to generate, see my favorite above.

Using only free AI platforms, it’s possible better and more thorough AI image generators are available.

I’m going to play around with an attempt to write a blog using AI, including the generation of images. Then I’ll report on the results. Should be interesting, stay tuned.

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