I’m living a Colorado life encore cultivating grape vines, creating, and learning about wine. Sharing my experiences as a lifelong city dweller who moved to the country, will hopefully enlighten those with similar aspirations or provide a vicarious escape for others.

Marshall’s Wine Encore is multi-faceted.

You’ll not only find useful information about viticulture (grapevine cultivation) and winemaking but also a wealth of topical information about the Colorado wine scene with both news and events. And then there are the blogs, where you’ll find my ruminations about rural valley livingplanting and maintaining a vineyard, and soon to come, “adventures in winemaking”.

Importantly, if you’ve dreamed about planting a vineyard or making wine, this site is for you. After my introduction to vineyard and winemaking topics, there are a series of topic blocks, which point you to online subject matter experts who make it happen. This is the journey I’ve enjoyed, and hope you can too.

Colorado Wine Grapes

You’ll also find Flipboard Magazines created by Marshall’s Wine Encore around similar topics covered by this site. Magazines are organized by: Colorado wine and AVAs; growing, creating, and enjoying wine; and the ever-growing important subject of the effect of climate change on viticulture.

Recent Blogs >>>

Bud Break

Spring on Sunshine Mesa — 2024 Edition

Spring enlivens the soul. There is something magical about witnessing brown give way to green. Of the landscape awakening. Warmer and longer days. Breezes that don’t chill you to the bone. There is no truer expression of spring than grape vine bud break. 


Welcome to My Blog!

2020 was a year of upheaval and change for everyone. For me, it began a journey of working towards my life encore. COVID-19 freed me from in-person work requirements. The evolving more flexible dynamic supported a transition from city to rural living, enabling me to pursue my passion to grow grapes and make wine.


CO’s Wine Growing Regions – Climate Comparisons

Have you ever wondered how the climates of Colorado’s AVAs stack up with other well-known wine-growing regions in the U.S., if not the world? I have. Yes, you can talk with knowledgeable Colorado wine folks, read a few books, and dabble with general descriptions and illustrations online. 

Overlooking Palisade and the Grand Valley
CO News - 2024

WineInk: Palisade Beckens (Aspen Times)

There are few better ways to spend a summer day than walking a vineyard and tasting wines. You might think you need to book a flight to California or Oregon to do so, but right here in Colorado is a

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