In the winemaking world, you’re not going far without equipment. Some folks argue making wine is an inexpensive alternative to buying wine. Don’t let them fool you. Yes, you can be economical. One way is by making wine from kits (all ingredients included), coupled with basic winemaking equipment. Another approach if making wine from grapes is using equipment provided by a local wine retailer, such as a crusher and press. If you find yourself making wine from grapes on a regular basis, investing in equipment is worthwhile from a convenience factor, and satisfying to boot.

Links in this block provide equipment information from several sources, geared to both the beginner for starter kits and the more seasoned winemaker. There is nothing more valuable than having a local wine equipment supplier you’re able to personally visit. You can seek advice from the experts and shop equipment in person. In lieu of that availability, you can’t beat online shops and wholesale equipment providers as referenced in this block.


Basics of Home Winemaking (

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.” – Ernest Hemingway

Starter winemaking equipment

Starter Winemaking Equipment (WineMaker)

A winemaking starter equipment kit is a great jumping-off point for most people getting into the hobby. But some folks may already have a few pieces of the standard beginner equipment and don’t feel the need to get an entire starter set-up.

Pouring grapes into crusher

Essential Equipment for Winemaking (Prospero)

For the longest time, wines were only crafted by the hands of expert vintners that had the luxury of picking fresh grapes from their vineyard and the professional winemaking equipment to ensure proper fermentation, aging, and overall quality. Over the years, however, winemaking kits and at-home winemaking equipment have piqued the interest of vino lovers from all over the world.

MoreWine! Wine Supply Wholesaler


With internet research, you’ll find many online retailers and wholesalers hawking goods for the hobbyist and professional winemaker alike. There is one wholesaler standing out from the rest, MoreWine! (MW). MW supports every need the winemaker has from ingredients to equipment, including reference materials and help guides.

Winemaking equipment

Winemaking Starter Kits (MoreWine!)

If you are interested in making your own wine, you’ve come to the right place. MoreWine! has an extensive selection of winemaking equipment for beginners, professionals, and in-between, as well as ingredients, and winemaking information.

Beginner winemaking equipment

Wine Making Kits for Beginners (Midwest Supplies)

Choosing a winemaking equipment kit is the first step in your winemaking adventure. All of our Master Vintner equipment kits will provide you with everything you need to make great wine. Our wine kits range from 1 gallon to 6 gallon in capacity.

Beginner winemaking equipment

5 Best Wine Making Kits for Home Brewing (Heavy.)

Brewing your own wine with a winemaking kit is a fun hobby with an even more enjoyable reward: bottles of your very own vintage. You don’t need a whole cellar, experience, or oak casks to make your own impressive wine. Discover how easy it can be with these easy-to-follow kits.

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