Starter winemaking equipment (winemaker)

Starter winemaking equipment

A winemaking starter equipment kit is a great jumping off point for most people getting into the hobby. But some folks may already have a few pieces of the standard beginner equipment and don’t feel the need to get an entire starter set-up. In this segment, let’s take a look at some of the basic equipment that all winemakers should have along with a few upgrade options.

A food-grade HDPE plastic bucket is the most cost-effective fermenter in the winemaker’s arsenal. Winemakers can perform punch-downs during fermentation on grape skins, they are lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to pour when handling large bags of juice or concentrate. Every beginner winemaker should start with a food-grade bucket for primary fermentation. We recommend a 7.9-gallon (30-L) bucket if you plan to produce standard 6-gallon (23-L) wine kits. But HDPE buckets are not meant for longer terms storage of your wine. Usually you want your wine to be in a bucket for about 2 weeks maximum.

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