2020 was a year of upheaval and change for everyone. For me, it began a journey of working towards my life encore. COVID-19 freed me from in-person work requirements. The evolving more flexible dynamic supported a transition from city to rural living, enabling me to pursue my passion to grow grapes and make wine.

“We often refer to space as the final frontier. But the older I get, the more I believe, the true final frontier is time.” 
Admiral Jean-Luc Picard

The transition was eye-opening. Soaring successes were balanced by a few defeats. Taking the time to reflect was always in order. What more can you ask of a life encore? 

My wife and I often joke and fondly reflect on the adventure. Including, dealing with the aftermath of a 1.5 inch downpour within 35 minutes experienced late one July afternoon. With this blog, I hope to chronicle the journey and importantly, share to the reader’s benefit the different aspects of planning and living an encore life.

I approach writing this blog with enthusiasm, yet with a bit of trepidation. Do I have the discipline to maintain a writing schedule? Heck, can I even write? Plus, there is a lot to distract me. I have a vineyard, garden, 14 acres, wine, and wildlife running amok to tend too. Can the blog be fun and useful? Is there enough to write about? 

Well, I’m committed to give it a go!

I plan to write about the various aspects of our transition from city life to living in rural Colorado. What does a city-boy know of open grazing? We’ll learn together. 

As my encore, wine has a primary focus. Planning, planting and maintaining a vineyard is excellent fodder. We’ll tackle the process of making wine. Learning and enjoying the finished product is also a beneficial subject. Keeping up-to-date with Colorado’s two AVAs (American Viticultural Areas); Grand Valley (Palisades) and West Elks (Paonia and Hotchkiss) and the rest of Colorado’s wine world provides great material. All in all, excellent topics to keep abreast and reflect on. 

My blog is only part of the Wine Encore website. The site provides a source of topical headline media organized by growing, making and enjoying wine. It also provides Colorado wine news and happenings. And of course, what is a wine encore without learning about other life encores? 

Sit back, get your dog at your side and cat in the lap, and don’t forget the glass of vino on the side table. Enjoy my Wine Encore, welcome!

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  1. HI Marshall,

    That was interesting. I look forward to reading more of your posts, but would also love to see you in person!

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