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2020 was a year of upheaval and change for everyone. For me, it began a journey of working towards my life encore. COVID-19 freed me from in-person work requirements. The evolving more flexible dynamic supported a transition from city to rural living, enabling me to pursue my passion to grow grapes and make wine.

CO’s Wine Growing Regions – Climate Comparisons

Have you ever wondered how the climates of Colorado’s AVAs stack up with other well-known wine-growing regions in the U.S., if not the world? I have. Yes, you can talk with knowledgeable Colorado wine folks, read a few books, and dabble with general descriptions and illustrations online. 

Winter vineyard

November & December – 2023 Lessons Learned

I have a Doctorate from the University of Hard Knocks. You read up on new subject matter and spend time learning from those more knowledgeable than you. But the wealth of information means little—oh sure, you can do well conversing about the topic at cocktail parties—till you are knocked around attempting new things yourself.

October 2023 – Harvest

Fall was upon us, and with it the harvest. Summer hadn’t completely loosened its grip. Temps were mild but unfortunately, the Yellow Jackets originating in August still ruled the roost. While I harvested a small amount of my Pinot Noir in September, the Riesling and the valley’s bounty was yet to come. And come it did.

September 2023 – Water

The month of August ended with a Yellow Jacket apocalypse but September began with hope. The vines were doing great and summer’s heat had waned. Was harvest on the horizon? Did the viticultural gods still have a few tricks to play? Answers to both were not far off.

Traveling the West Elks Wine Trail

There aren’t many American Viticultural Areas (AVAs) with wine events providing the level of intimacy, information, and scenery available as the West Elks Wine Trail. Sponsored by the West Elks AVA, the opportunity to visit up to 10 wineries providing a wide breadth of offerings over a three-day weekend couldn’t be passed up.

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