Vineyard Pests

Whoa, came across one of these in the vineyard… Well, not really. However, I came across an article about Australian vineyard pests and was struck and humored by the uncommonness to North American pests our “down under” friends have to put up with. They may seem cute, but they are still pests, i.e., they cause damage to the vines and grapes.

Natural Wine

Is Your Wine Natural?

You may have encountered the term “natural” when looking for wines at your local shop or restaurant. Initially, I thought natural was used as a play on organic. Come to find out, my initial reaction was not wrong but also not entirely correct.

Book Cliffs

Colorado Wine Country According to AI

Can AI write an blog post discussing Colorado’s Wine Country? Of course it can. I asked ChatGTP to write four versions of a blog comparing Colorado’s two wine-growing regions, Grand Valley and West Elks. AI was also used to generate associated images. The results were surprising good, and fast. There were takeaways.

Climate Catastrophe Image

Will Insurers Make Climate Change Sceptics Change Their Minds?

“If you’re not insured, you might as well give up, a wine grower stated bluntly.” The increased severity and occurrence of weather events (rain, wind, hail, drought, etc.) is a well-documented hallmark of anthropogenic (human-caused) climate change.

Write a Blog Story, and Only With AI? Yeah, Right!

I’ve been experimenting with the usage of AI to generate images. I took motivation from a blog post of Jo Diaz, who wrote about her attempt to write a blog using AI. So far, it’s a work in progress…

Grape Harvesters

The Wine Industry’s Human Rights Challenge

A few months ago I was reading the book “The Heat Will Kill You First” by Jeff Goodell, when the author described the experiences of a migrant vineyard worker who died of heat exhaustion, as an example of how excessive heat affects the mind and body.

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