Vineyard Site Preparation (Cornell Cooperative Extension)

Boots in the Vineyard

After selection of a good site, proper site preparation is one of the most important factors in the ultimate success or failure of a vineyard. This is the time when changes can be made to the site to improve soil conditions, water handling, and the overall efficiency of managing the vineyard. Many experienced grape growers will say that investing time and money

in good site preparation will save both in the long run.

This fact sheet describes some of the more important issues that vineyard owners should address prior to planting vines.

Land Clearing

Ideally, the land where you will be planting your vineyard will already be clear of trees, large rocks, shrubs and other such objects. This is not always the case, however, and the more of these obstacles that can be removed before planting the vineyard, the easier your work will be in many aspects of vineyard management.

While it will depend on the type, size and amount of material that needs to be cleared from the site, you will probably need to hire a heavy equipment operator to do much of this work. If you are planting your vineyard in an agricultural area, it is possible that a local farmer may be able to do this work for you, or they can probably suggest somebody locally who could do the work.

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