The Newest Governor's Cup Wine Collection — World-Class Wines Emerge From Colorado

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Kristen Grace
Winter 2023/24 Issue

Each year, a panel of 15 highly acclaimed wine industry members — including sommeliers, chefs, writers, and wine experts from around the country — participate in a blind judging event to determine the 12 wines that make up the 2023 Governor’s Cup Collection. These are world-class wines with Colorado terroir.

“Here in Colorado, we are so proud of our growing wine industry, and this competition is an exciting chance to enjoy wines crafted from top Colorado wineries,” shares Governor Jared Polis in a statement. “These 12 wines reflect the innovative and creative work taking place in Colorado’s thriving wine industry, and I congratulate the winners of the Governor’s Cup wine collection, with each wine showcasing local Colorado ingredients.”

The state of Colorado continues to forge a path in the winemaking community. Steve Steese, co-founder of The Storm Cellar in Hotchkiss, shares, “It honestly feels like a new frontier for American winemaking, with strong potential for growth in a state that prides itself on embracing local products.” Co-founder Jayme Henderson emphasizes, “The two of us love living in and making wine in Colorado’s West Elks AVA. The views from our vineyard are breathtaking, and fruit grown in Colorado’s high-elevation vineyard sites is proving to produce wines of great concentration and depth.”

The wine rating scale for the Governor’s Cup Collection ranges from one to 10, where 10, or Double Gold, is awarded for showing exceptional depth and drinkability beyond any other wine in the competition; these are worldclass wines. Hailing from Hotchkiss, The Storm Cellar was awarded a Double Gold medal for the 2022 Albariño and a Gold medal for their Gewürztraminer.

Among the Double Gold winners is Palisade winery Sauvage Spectrum. “Sauvage Spectrum is and has always been proud to produce 100% estate wines from our vineyards using only Colorado wine grapes. We introduce to the region new and scoring varietals and cuttingedge techniques while providing local jobs to the economy,” shares Patric Matysiewski, winemaker for Sauvage Spectrum. This winery is a repeat winner, taking two Double Gold spots with their 2022 Teroldego and 2022 Malbec.

Alfred Eames with Reward Trophy

Alfred Eames Cellars also topped the medal list for the first time this year. Of the 286 wine entries, their 2019 Carmena earned a Double Gold award and received the Best in Show award. Alfred Eames shares, “We are very happy to be among those chosen to represent Colorado wines. I think Colorado wine, with its unique terroir, can stand up with any of the best wines in the world.”

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