The Best Wine Festivals in America According to the Pros

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Janice williams
December 18, 2023
Food + Wine Classic Aspen
Food + Wine Classic Aspen

Wine festivals are a great way to immerse oneself in the world of wine—without forking out thousands of dollars on courses or trips to growing regions. In major cities and small towns across the country, festival attendees can taste wines made by producers they’ve never heard of alongside those they know and love.

These affairs come in all shapes and sizes. 

Larger events may boast thousands of wines to try, while smaller festivals may keep things local and highlight selections from a specific region or made in a particular style. Some of these gatherings include live performances and art installations, whereas others may focus on wine education and feature seminars throughout the day. And then there’s the culinary element—plenty of wine festivals focus on the relationship between food and wine through pairing demonstrations and delicious bites prepared by the country’s most celebrated chefs.

To figure out which ones are most worth the time and money, we spoke to wine professionals about the best American wine festivals to which they return year after year. 

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