Old world meets new world (thirst Colorado)

By emily baker
November 7, 2023

One might not think that a Bordeaux-style wine could be made outside the French region of the same name. However, three local wineries have gathered enough acclaim for their product to be featured on the new AmaWaterways Taste of Bordeaux River Cruise.

The cruise is a 7-day experience through the Bordeaux region, including stops at local vineyards and wine cellars, historic chateaux, and even an exclusive wine festival in Bourg. Aboard the cruise, guests can enjoy food and wine pairings including wine from Bordeaux itself and Colorado’s own Bordeaux-style blends.

What makes a Bordeaux-style blend? The key is a blended red wine including at least three of the four Bordeaux wines: a cabernet sauvignon, merlot, malbec, or cabernet franc. While the term “Bordeaux” is akin to “Champagne” and can only describe a wine produced in the French region, a Bordeaux-style blend can be produced around the world, including Colorado.

Palisade wineries Vines 79Red Fox Cellars, and Restoration Vineyards were chosen to be served on the cruise for their highly lauded Bordeaux-style wines.

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