How to make fruit wine (adventures in homebrewing)


It seems as though when we think of home winemaking, we think of grapes. 

Walk into your local liquor store. The racks are filled with countless wines produced from Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Cabernet, and other notable grapes.

But what about wines made from fruits other than grapes? Since the development of home winemaking as a hobby, it has become very easy for the individual home winemaker to make wines from affordable fresh fruits of the garden variety.

And, don’t equate these wines to back-shed hooch. Today, you can make tremendous homemade fruit wines, apricot wines that rival the complexity of any $20 Chardonnay, and berry wines that go just as good with prime rib as a hearty bottle of store-bought Merlot.

Fruit winemaking is no more difficult than making wines from fresh grapes. The basic process is the same, and consideration is given to the same aspects as when preparing grape juice for home winemaking.

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