How to clean and sterilize winemaking equipment (Wine kits usa)

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Making wine at home can be a wonderful experience and a source of great pride. However, most vintners don’t talk about the less glamorous side of winemaking:

How to clean and sterilize wine-making equipment.

It’s not fun, but you will regret taking any shortcuts. Unsterilized wine-making equipment is the most common source of spoiled wine.

If you’ve ever tasted wine that was “off” or just didn’t taste right, then the culprit was likely some leftover bacteria in the equipment.

It’s important to thoroughly clean and sterilize (not just sanitize) your wine-making equipment not only to avoid spoiled batches of wine but also to avoid some other hazards of unclean equipment such as:

  • Pitted stainless steel equipment
  • Ruined oak barrels
  • Shattered carboys
  • Even trips to the hospital

So what’s the best way to clean and sterilize your wine-making equipment? This article will show you.

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