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by colin wrenn
October 5, 2023

Colorado-based Mom Juice celebrates three years of transformative wine culture. When KT Winery launched its flagship brand, Mom Juice, owners Kristin Taylor and Macie Mincey had a clear vision. “We wanted to shift wine culture and community,” says Taylor.

Mom Juice

On Aug. 13, the duo celebrated their company’s third anniversary, during which time it grew from a largely online operation to selling in nearly 300 stores. Most are in Colorado, with another 20 or so in Charlotte, North Carolina, “the places where we’ve both lived,” Taylor explains.

While Mom Juice is based in Denver, the wines are produced by veteran winemaker Brian Kosi out in Napa. Flavor profiles are decided by Taylor and Mincey, who travel to California roughly every other month to deliberate on the acid, sugar and tannin content of each release.

“The brand has always had a life of its own. We were just quick enough to trademark it and excited enough to lean into it,” says Taylor. The current roster includes a cabernet sauvignon, a sauvignon blanc, a 2020 red blend and a California rosé. Each bottle sells for roughly $20, with no single item exceeding the $25 mark.

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