Colorado Wine Scene is Beginning to Bubble in Palisade (Forbes)

Colorado Mountain WineFest

The 32nd annual Colorado Mountain Winefest took place this month in Palisade, Colorado, and with it came a showcase of just how far Colorado wine has come.

While the number of years (correctly) insinuates a decades-long tradition of

grape growing and winemaking throughout the mountainous state, attendees of the festival were treated to a celebration of a new wave of Colorado wine, which has exploded in recent years and features brand-new wineries, burgeoning winemakers, and distinct styles of wine.

“Since 1992, the Colorado Mountain Winefest has provided the opportunity to sample and enjoy the state’s vintages in one location,” said Cassidee Shull, Executive Director of the Colorado Association for Viticulture and Enology (CAVE).

“This year, brand-new events such as our Sparkling Wine Seminar showed just how far the Colorado wine industry has come and the innovation and dedication of our growers and winemakers,” she said. More than five thousand attendees came from 5 countries and 40 states, a tribute to the growing popularity not only of Colorado wine, but of the host town of Palisade, where a majority of the state’s wineries are found.

Ordinary Fellows Wine
Selections from Ordinary Fellow Winery in downtown Palisade feature several award winners, including sparkling wine.

Here are the latest trends from the Colorado wine scene:

Hello Colorado Sparking Wines

Out of all the things worth discussing here, the main trend this year was the emergence and prominence of sparkling wine. Read more

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