Check Out Great Colorado Wineries with Restaurants (Thirst Colorado)

Kristen Kuchar
January 8, 2024
Balistreri Winery Food Dish

Marla Yetka of Bigsby’s Folly Winery likes to use a Julia Child quote when it comes to wine and food:  “Wine is meant to be with food – that’s the point of it.”

As the co-founder and chief experience officer, Yetka has adopted that idea at her craft winery and restaurant in RiNo.

 “Food brings out the best in wine and wine brings out the best in food. They simply go hand in hand,” Yetka says. 

For those who enjoy expert pairings without all of the fuss, we’ve put together a list of wineries with restaurants that have created thoughtful food menus to accompany well-made wine. 

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