Celebrating Colorado Wine & Spirits (Wine Lady Out West)

Afton - Wine Lady Out West
April 25, 2023

You know what’s wild? For all the wine “holidays” and dedicated months celebrating specific wine regions, there is no Colorado Wine & Spirits month (yet)! Having lived in Denver for nearly a decade, and having tried numerous wines and spirits from across the Centennial State, I’m on a mission to bring more awareness to the many fine producers from there. Consider this my official petition to make April the official Colorado Wine & Spirits month!

While there are dozens of world-class winemakers and distillers in the state, this month, I’m featuring five of my very favorites: two wineries, two distilleries, and one bitters/mixers producer. But first, allow me to introduce you to Colorado wine country…

With Jayme Henderson - The Storm Cellar

Colorado has two official AVAs (American Viticultural Areas): the Grand Valley AVA, which was established in 1991, and the West Elks AVA, established in 2001. In addition to these two HUGE areas on the western side of the state (huge, as in ~75,900 acres and ~48,400 acres, respectively!), there are five other parts of Western and Central Colorado where significant wine grape growing occurs, but which have not yet been designated as AVAs: The Front Range (north-central, near Denver/Boulder), Montrose County (west, near the city of Montrose), Fremont County (south-central, near Colorado Springs), South Grand Mesa 

(west, between the Grand Valley and West Elks AVAs), and Montezuma County (south-west corner of the state, near the town of Cortez).

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