The Grape Pressing Process (WineCoolerDirect)

What comes to mind when you think of grapes being pressed for wine? The scenery is that of rolling hills, planted in orderly rows of uniformly sized vines. A charming European farmhouse is positioned somewhere in the distance. There is a large, shallow, wooden pool, filled to the top with lush grape clusters. A group of laughing women are dancing barefooted atop the berries.

Purchasing Grapes (WineMaker)

As harvest kicks into full swing it is important for winemakers to know the right questions to ask and things to look for when purchasing grapes for this year’s fermentations. Get that insight from two pros who make a living out of selling grapes.


Guide to White Winemaking (MoreWine!)

“The Guide” (as a PDF file) for making white wine. Detailed instructions. Print this and place it in a notebook for easy reference. Instructions for every step of the process, including how to test and evaluate results.

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