9 Winery Airbnb Rentals Across the US (Architectural Digest)

by kristine hansen
October 16, 2023
Love Orchard Airbnb
Love Orchard Airbnb - Palisade, CO

For wine lovers who appreciate solid innovative design, it doesn’t get any better than waking up to vineyard views in one of the many wine regions in the US. It’s not just postcard-perfect views from one room in the house—these properties offer vineyard views from bed, a soaking tub, or via walls of windows—as well as from the outside.

Sip that first cup of coffee overlooking the vines, and come sunset enjoy dinner curated from local wines (maybe even born out of grapes harvested on the property) and culinary ingredients—all while taking in the vistas only a vineyard can provide.

In the US, harvesting of wine grapes extends until early November, and autumn is the perfect time to immerse yourself in the vines. 

Here are 12 winery Airbnb rentals nestled in vineyards. From California to New York—and lesser-known regions like Colorado and Texas—the list isn’t solely limited to European-style sprawling estates. They include a Scandi-style cottage, a converted historic railcar, and a modern farmhouse. There are even luxury amenities like an outdoor pool, a movie theater (to watch the film Bottle Shock, perhaps?), and a boccie-ball court.

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