13 Women-Led Wineries and Tasting Rooms to Visit (Prime Women)

By Diane Rowe
November 14, 2023
Wine glasses

There are many wineries and tasting rooms around the world, but here are 13 women-led wineries and tasting rooms you need to try.

Women are making their mark on the wine industry. From owning and operating wineries to working as winemakers, women are taking on leadership roles in all aspects of the wine business.

If you’re a wine lover, you know. And we women enjoy our glass of wine – whether bold red, fruity white, or some other varietal, and if we need a reason to sip our wine, pick one or all of these National Wine Days.

Jayme Henderson
Jayme Henderson of The Storm Cellar West Elks AVA, Colorado

According to the Beverage Information Group, 52 percent of women prefer wine, compared to 20 percent of men. Women make up 59 percent of wine buyers.

While the United States is the largest wine consumer in the world, in 2023, the total number of wineries producing wine in the United States is only just over 11,000. Of those, 71 large-scale wineries produce over 500,000 cases of

wine annually, and 5,700 make less than 1,000 cases each year. Since 2009, wineries have grown by over 50 percent.”

The percentage of women-owned wineries in the United States is on the rise. According to a 2020 study by the American Wine Society, women-owned or co-owned 38% of wineries in California and 18% of wineries in Washington State. These numbers are up from 2011 when women owned or co-owned just 25% of wineries in California and 10% in Washington State.

Another survey reports that 17.8% of winemakers are women, and 82.2% are men.

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