Celebrate the New Year (and beyond) with These Colorado Bubbles (Denver Post)

Brittany Anas
December 29, 2023

A variety of sparkling wine styles are bubbling up

Sauvage Spectrum Sparklet

This New Year’s Eve, when you pop, open a bottle of local bubbly, toast to 2023 memories and a new year full of hopes — but also say “cheers” to the notable sparkling wine scene that Colorado’s winemakers are cultivating.

From fizzy pét-nats to wines produced in Charmat tanks (akin to how Italian winemakers perfect their proseccos),

plus party-ready cans that pop and fizz when you pull back the tabs, Colorado’s wine scene is, most definitely, sparkling.

The number of Americans drinking sparkling wine has risen by 30 percent between 2019 and 2022, according to an analysis from Wine Intelligence, a division of International Wine and Spirits Research. The numbers show that people are reaching for bottles of bubbles more frequently and not just on special occasions, with about a quarter of respondents saying they drink sparkling wine at least a couple of times a week.

The state’s winemakers are eager to answer the call and are helping to put Colorado on the map for its sparkling wines.

Sparkling wine isn’t just for special occasions anymore

Earlier this year, Carboy Winery released its Grand Series, which adds five new sparkling wines to its portfolio. A sixth, the Grand Rosé, is currently aging and scheduled to be released by the end of 2024. The series includes bottles produced with Charmat and traditional methods.

With the Charmat method, the secondary fermentation that traps bubbles takes place in the tank versus in the bottle like the traditional method.

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